Preseason Players Meeting

Information on preseason workouts required paperwork and try-outs

Important Dates

            9/14/2021- Preseason workouts start- 3:45 meet in the gym lobby

            10/25/2021- First Day of Try-outs (Fall sports athletes will try out once their season is done)

            10/27/2021- Last Day of Try-outs

            10/28/2021- Teams announced by 1:20 pm

            11/8/2021- Try-outs- Football players only (if in play-offs, try-outs will be moved)

Required Paperwork

  1. Current physical- Must be uploaded into Dragonfly

    1. The last page of the physical showing the doctor's signature, date of the physical, and the cleared to participate box must be uploaded.

  2. GHSA Concussion Form- Can be electronically signed in Dragonfly

  3. GHSA Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form- Can be electronically signed in Dragonfly

  4. DCSD Athletics Return to participation guidelines- Can be electronically signed in Dragonfly

  5. Proof of Insurance-Must be uploaded into Dragonfly

All required paperwork must be submitted in Dragonfly.  Paper copies will not be accepted.

            Instructions for Dragonfly are on the Teams Form link

If you already have a Dragonfly account, you don't need to create a new one.

Fall athletes should already have all their paperwork submitted.  You don't need to re-upload anything.

You can download copies of the required paperwork from the Team Forms link.

Preseason Workouts

Focus on strength, agility, and conditioning.

The preseason schedule for September and October are attached to this form.

All preseason workouts are optional and highly recommended if you are not participating in a fall sport.

Must have all required paperwork submitted in Dragonfly before you can begin.

You must bring a mask and water (large bottles) with you every day.  Players without masks and water will be sent home.


Try-outs start on October 25, 2021.  10-12 graders-5:30-7:30, 9th graders-7:15-9:00

The following areas are looked at for being on the team: Individual skills, team play, grades, school attendance, and school behavior.

Three Teams: Varsity (13-15 players), JV- (15 players), 9th (15 Players)

            Note: If you make the 9th-grade team, your practice times will mostly be from 6-7:30 am

Things to do before you can participate

  1. Get all your required paperwork completed and uploaded into Dragonfly

  2. Sign-up for basketball using this link-